Sports for Development

Sports for Development is an intervention project implemented by a pioneering NGO in the country - Magic Bus India Foundation. The goal of the programme is to empower 4,500 children from marginalized sections at the outskirts of Kochi and coastal Panchayats in Trivandrum district, Kerala State, in the area of Education, Gender equity, Right to Play, Physical Fitness, Healthy Behaviour and Socio Emotional Learning using the sport for development approach “Making Sports a Culture”.

Specific objectives of the project:

• Awareness on RTE & Importance of Education among the children, their
parents and the community they belong

• Enrolment and re-enrolment of children in the schools

• Regular attendance in the schools and colleges

• Ensuring continuation of the formal education among the children and youth

• Reduction in gender discrimination and ensuring equal opportunities for
both the sexes

• Increased awareness and prevention of vector borne diseases, maintaining personal hygiene and healthy eating habits to ensure regularity in their education

• To build life skills of children on Education, Gender Equity, Right to Play and Physical Fitness, Healthy behaviour and enhance socio emotional learning skills.

• Creating more opportunities for sports and activity based sessions within intervening schools and communities to promote play, fitness and positive learning.

A total of 450 children receive support in various modes: schooling materials, guidance and counselling, food and nutrition etc.

Sport for development will build positive behaviour around the domains which also lead to positive impact on education.

Expected Programme Outcome-

  1. Right to Play : Ensuring Every Child irrespective of Gender has a Right to Play

  2. Fitness: Ensuring Children Improve their Nutritional Habit and Fitness Level. Children pursue their sporting interest and talent.

  3. Education: Children Optimize and access formal educational opportunities and contimue with higher studies.

  4. Gender Equity: Ensuring boys and girls have access to equal opportunities where Magic Bus has intervention.

  5. Healthy Behaviour- Ensuring Children stay healthy and fit where Magic Bus has intervention.

  6. Socio Emotional Learning -Ensuring children develop their personal and social skills and instilling positive social behaviour.