The Muthoot Pappachan Foundation is making a great impact on improving the lives of our beneficiaries across India. Below is an overview of our main achievements.


  • 25000+ patients received free medical consultation during the 2012-13 period and around 10,000 patients received free treatment and other medical services. Amongst these, 4000+ patients have been given free surgeries (incl. cataract).
  • 267 patients from BPL families received treatment support for cancer, renal, cardio-vascular and other chronic diseases.
  • 30000+ donors voluntarily registered in the MuthootPappachan Life Blood Directory within the initial three months of its pilot in Kerala. Patient - Donor interface is facilitated from the help desk at HO and a good number of donations are happening through this platform, even in this pilot stage.


  • 450 students from financially backward families received support for quality education. Beyond schooling materials, they got community tuitions in all subjects, training in life skills and guidance. It is a continuous process where the students are supported throughout their schooling from the beginning till the end and even beyond. Amongst the senior students, some are now in colleges including one student who is pursuing engineering.
  • A fully equipped training centre is getting developed at Mulanthuruthy for the Swashraya Rehabilitation and Training Centre.
  • New physics laboratory for Chinmaya School, Kottayam has been sponsored by MPF and it provides quality education experience to the students of the school. Around 100 students are making use of this laboratory each year.
  • Schools which are running with limited facilities, especially in rural areas, are supported with 5 computers for the students to practice.
  • Education support extended to a good number of students pursuing their professional education, through local NGOs and Diocese Development Societies.


  • 25000+ women entrepreneurs received training in financial literacy and facilitation support for initiating their own small businesses.
  • Customers and other stakeholders living in difficult conditions were given support through local NGOs.
  • Widow pension through Malabar Diocese was provided to 217 senior women living in difficult conditions and poor health, left without any support.
  • Supported 15 young theatre and performing artists of the Abhinaya Theatre Group. They have been performing well and have helped in reinstating theatre art forms to today's society.
  • Soorya Festival is another programme that supports veteran artists, young budding talents and the differently abled artists to make their livelihood through their performances and keep their art forms alive.


The MuthootPappachan Foundation invests in a variety of philanthropic community development initiatives via a Grant-Making Initiative. As per Mr. Thomas Muthoot’s vision, grants are made available for programs and projects pursuing social causes related to three specific fields:

  • Sport
  • Arts & Culture
  • Other Relevant Community Issues

The MuthootPappachan Foundation connects and collaborates with organizations that align with those three strategic priorities and accecpts proposals from like-minded, authentic organisations doing grassroots impactful work in these areas.